Baldwin Filters

Promotional Products

Baldwin Filters has promotional products available to assist you in promoting your business and Baldwin Filters.

These products include counter mats, posters and banners for your retail area. Signage, counter stools and additional
items are also available to finish outfitting your space.

For more information about the Baldwin Australia Promotional Products, contact the Baldwin Australia Sales Office or fax
your request to (61 3) 9353 7303.

Counter Mat
30.5cm x 45.75cm
Static Cling
28cm x 33cm
Neon Clock
49.5cm Round
Wall Clock
32cm Round
Baldwin Edge CD
Aluminum Sign
61cm x 99cm
Service Truck Decal
25.4cm x 50.8m
1.2m x 1.8m

Merchandise Display
1.2m x 3m

Counter Stool
76cm Tall