Baldwin Filters

Master Catalogs

Form 123-18 Automotive Applications Catalog 3/18
Form 124-17 Off-Highway Applications Catalog (9MB) 7/17
Form 125-18 Trucks and Buses Applications Catalog (10MB) 7/18
Form 560-18 Manufacturer's Cross-Reference Catalog (13MB) 7/18
Form 561-18 Number-Finder Cross-Reference Catalog (12MB) 3/18
Form 562-18 Product Guide Catalog (48MB) 11/18
Form 4005 DAHL Full Product Line Catalog R 3/12
Form FRM-16 Farm Equipment Maintenance and Filter Guide 12/15

All cross-references are based on the latest authoritative information available at press time. However, equipment manufacturers often change component suppliers without notice while continuing to use the same filter number. This change could result in a non-critical dimension becoming critical. Other filter manufacturers may use one filter to replace
two of ours. Thus, when crossing from a non-original equipment filter number, a problem could develop.

If a filter doesn't seal when installed, it should not be used. We cannot be responsible for misapplications.

Note: Always use the original (OEM) part number to verify the correct filter applications.

If in doubt, contact Baldwin Australia Sales Office.