Baldwin Filters

Why DAHL is Right for Your Diesel Equipment

The DAHL system eliminates water from fuel before reaching the fuel pump and injectors. This prevents the major cause of diesel fuel injection system failure.

A DAHL fuel filter/water separator prolongs system life by eliminating pump and injector overhauls caused by water contaminated fuel. The cost of shop labor alone, just to repair the injection system on a 6-cylinder rig, exceeds the cost of the DAHL diesel fuel filter/water separator.

The installation of a DAHL unit reduces the need to repair the fuel pump and/or injectors that could easily tie up equipment for one or two days. The loss of income in just a few hours of equipment downtime again would pay for a DAHL diesel fuel filter/water separator.

Most of the solid contaminants are separated by the patented depressurizer cone in the bowl before reaching the filter element. Another factor resulting in less frequent changes is the extra paper in the filter element. Under normal conditions, the element can last up to 40,000 miles.

With proven performance in the laboratory and in millions of miles/hours of commercial and industrial operation, you can be sure that each DAHL unit is designed right, built right and does its job right.

Marine durability is assured. Marine units 75, 100-AL, 100-M,
100-M30, 150-AL, 150-M, 200-AL, 200-M, 200-M30, 200-MMV,
200-MMV30, 300-AL, 300-M, 300-MM, 300-MM30, 300-MMV and 300-MMV30 have passed severe U.L. testing. Tests include fire endurance, vibration fatigue, impact and thermal shock. These filters have also met U.S. Coast Guard requirements for Marine Applications.

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