Baldwin Filters

Baldwin Announces New BD50000 Lube Filter

October 2016

BD50000 Designed for durability and performance, the BD50000 is the first lube filter to incorporate Baldwin’s next generation of highly engineered media. It is a high quality alternative to the LF14000NN.

In overall efficiency, the Baldwin BD50000 meets or exceeds the OE filter over the full life of the filter. Maximum protection means longer life and higher performance for sophisticated modern engines.

1. High Overall Efficiency: provides superior protection against wear and extends parts life

2. High Capacity: 17% greater capacity than the OE for longer filter life

3. Lower Flow Restriction: 40% lower restriction at cold-start improves flow and reduces wear

4. Unsurpassed Structural Integrity: superior reinforcement ensures durability and prevents contaminant leaks

Baldwin does not compromise when it comes to quality construction and design. Baldwin Filters are routinely tested above and beyond industry standards, ensuring reliable performance under the toughest conditions.

“I am excited to release the BD50000 to our customers” said Farrell Calcaterra, CLARCOR Engine Mobile Group Vice President, Research and Development. “Through a collaborative effort between resources at CLARCOR’s Innovation Center and CLARCOR Engine Mobile Group, we have developed a world-class filter that keeps with the rich tradition of quality and performance that Baldwin Filters’ customers have come to expect.”

When it comes to protecting your hard working equipment, choose Baldwin for products and people you can trust.