Baldwin Filters

PureForce™ Hydraulic Filtration
Product Line Introduced

June 2006

Baldwin Filters is excited to announce the availability of the PureForce hydraulic filtration product line. The PureForce line includes bases, indicators and hydraulic spin-on filters featuring the L-Lock™ hem.

PureForce hydraulic filters with the L-Lock hem are available in 4" and 5" diameters and rated with 500 psi and 350 psi working pressures, respectively. This pressure capability makes these filters suitable for use in hydrostatic charge pump circuits or in other medium-pressure systems that would otherwise require more expensive canister style filters.

Results show that the Baldwin PureForce hydraulic filters rate higher in burst and impulse tests than competitive filters in the same class. These filters are designed to be used with the new PureForce die cast aluminum bases, which incorporate steel studs that provide additional strength and flow properties. Rounding out the PureForce offering are four new indicators, including visual and electrical styles.

According to Farrell Calcaterra, Director of Liquid Engineering for Baldwin Filters, "We have worked hard to achieve a higher level of structural integrity for these filters to provide our customers with an extra margin of safety for the demanding applications these filters are used in."

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