Baldwin Filters

Channel Flow® Air Filters Meet High Performance Demands

November 2007

Baldwin Filters is excited to announce the addition of Channel Flow air filters to its product line. Channel Flow filters feature a design that provides a stronger, more reliable filter.

The key to the Channel Flow filters is the element. The flat and corrugated media — when formed into a round or racetrack media pack — is inherently strong, eliminating the need for a centertube and metal wrappers of traditional air filters. This translates to a more environmentally friendly filter.

Air enters an open channel on the inlet side and flows through the media, exiting through an adjacent open channel. Contaminants remain trapped within the channels and won't dislodge during servicing.

Baldwin Filters' Channel Flow air filters feature a durable frame, which encloses the media pack. The frame, which protects the media from damage during handling and prevents air from being drawn in through the sides of the filter, adds an extra element of protection for your engine.

Baldwin has also incorporated a stronger media support to provide protection from increases in differential pressure.

According to Ken Stirn, Senior Product Manager at Baldwin Filters, "This product represents a logical extension of Baldwin Filters' air filter offering into the growing market for high density air filters to accommodate compact and aerodynamic equipment designs. As can be expected from Baldwin Filters, the product has several features that make it the product of choice for filter replacement."

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